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We believe in sharing knowledge for safety awareness is the best defense.

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Connecting the Community

Connecting communities together to bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement.


The FBI Chicago Citizens Academy was established in the Chicago Division in 2003 as part of the Community Outreach Program. The purpose of the Academy is to establish and foster relationships and understanding between FBI representatives and the Chicago community. The success and local impact of this Academy has been tremendous. The Citizens Academy has given community, civic, religious and business leaders, as well as media executives, the opportunity to find out how the FBI "does business." Graduates have opportunity to join the Alumni FBICCAAA upon graduation.
The Chicago Division hosts one Academy per year and is six weeks in length. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a community, civic, religious, business leader or a media executive;
  • Must be 21 years old (with no prior felony arrests or convictions);
  • Must live or work with the jurisdiction of the Chicago FBI office;
  • Must consent and pass a limited background investigation;
  • agreement;
  • SAC approval.

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We are one local branch of the national organization.

Disaster Response

We want to be there when a natural disaster strikes by providing relief services any way we can.


We have conferences to educate the community on various topics of interest.


We have regular meetings to discuss how we are going to educate, connect, and give back to our community.

Corporate Relations

We help establish strong relationships with corperate partners to inspire giving back to our community.

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